5 Stages Of Change: Quit Smoking Program

Before clients come to a hypnotist for a ‘Quit Smoking Program’ they naturally pass through two stages of personal development:

  • Stage 1 – UNAWARE &/or DON’T CARE (teenagers, young people, those who are uneducated about dangers of smoking, those who have given up, and the hard core deniers)
  • Stage 2 – AWARE (those people who realise they need to quit but are not sure how to do it)

The 5 Stages of Change Model as They Apply in Our ‘Quit Smoking Program’

  • Stage 1 – DECISION – Deciding to enter the “Quit Program” & committing yourself to the process*
  • Stage 2 – UNDERSTANDING – Unhooking yourself psychologically from wrong understanding and beliefs about smoking and nicotine addiction*
  • Stage 3 – RE-PROGRAMMING – Conducted using our DEEP Hypnotic Change method*
  • Stage 4 – TESTING – Testing your previous smoking triggers both in the clinic & out in the real world*
  • Stage 5 – ANCHORING & REJUVENATING – Solidifying new techniques & giving the body a chance to repair itself*

Introduction to the Five Stages of Change Concept

Most people mistakenly start a ‘Quit Smoking Program’ at the RE-PROGRAMMING stage, when in fact they are psychologically at the DECISION or UNDERSTANDING stage. Starting at wrong place in the cycle of change means that most ‘quit smoking’ efforts are unfortunately abandoned.

Why do so many people begin every ‘New Year’ with personal calendars, schedule books, activity organizers and New Year resolutions, but stop using them in a few weeks?

These wonderful tools don’t work, because people try to use them prematurely.

These are tools for the RE-PROGRAMMING stage, but if the person using them happens to be at the UNDERSTANDING stage, these tools are almost useless.

In other words; it is useless to use a screwdriver to sink a nail or use a hammer to turn a screw.

Both tools can be tremendously helpful, but only if they are used at the right time, for the right job.

Each of the five powerful change tools you are about to receive were designed to be used at specific stages of the ‘Quit Smoking Program’*

We don’t attempt to build the penthouse before you build a solid ground floor.

The success of each stage depends on the successful completion of the previous stage*.

If you make the right choice in the DECISION stage by choosing the best way for you personally to quit smoking, then pay proper attention in the ‘UNDERSTANDING Stage’ so that you can clearly see how you were trapped with the first cigarette by one of the most addictive substances in world (nicotine) and how you then stayed trapped physically and mentally; you maximize your chances of success at the RE-PROGRAMMING, the TESTING and the ANCHORING stages*.

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