Advice For Quitting Smoking: Make It A Personal Choice!

We really emphasize the client’s personal choice. Not willpower, not struggling, not wrestling with himself, but choice. This is really a central pillar of how we work with smoking cessation.

We find when people start to identify more with the ‘I’ that chooses, they build up that ‘I’ that chooses as an identity, as a ‘muscle’ in their life.

The more they build up the ‘I’ that choose – the more they start saying:

“I can deal with this, I can deal with that”.

And things that used to be a problem for them in life, they just start handling, because they’ve become more powerful in themselves.

Most people identify with their personality – with who they think they are; their patterns of thinking, their behaviors, and their habits.

But, when people stop identifying with their patterns, with their habits, with their personality, with their stories about who they think they are – they start identifying with the ‘I’ that chooses, the ‘I’ that makes things happen now, the ‘I’ that’s in the driving seat of their lives. When people make that ‘mind shift’, you start to generate change.

Some people are ready to take more responsibility in their lives and some people are not. But we still want to empower them – that’s our preferred choice.

We like to work on the principle the client comes in with one type of awareness and leaves with more awareness and more power to live their life.

We want to help our clients quit smoking, but we are really genuinely interested to see that they also become more awake and aware. That they are in the driving seat of their lives. When we do our ‘smoking cessation program, we are working to increase their personal power at the same time.

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